Toni Braxton Needs to Use Her Vagina More

The View large-1

I don’t watch The View much anymore but I did today.  Toni Braxton, the “Queen of R&B” singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, actress and television personality was on as one of the many revolving guest co-hosts of late.

I was pretty bored until Raven brought up a recent study that claims having sex does NOT make you happier. Raven said she rarely has sex but when she does it’s fantastic, the dim blond Republican, who I think looks like she should be named Ashley or Brittany, was confused that you use muscles to have sex, while Rosie Perez was pretty quiet. Suddenly, Toni Braxton, preacher’s daughter and star of Braxton Family Values, blurts out, “I’m not having enough sex. My OB/GYN said you need to use your vagina more. It’s been like two years.” Rosie, still silent began to blush.Unknown

What is going on with so many beautiful, smart, fit, and lively woman that they’re not having sex? (I share the struggle so I know it’s real) I’m not so sure (although I have a few clues) but I’m happy we’re at least discussing sex and vaginas and why we’re not having enough sex. Sounds like Toni and I have the same problem!

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