Penis-less Man Beds Over 100 Women

Andrew Wardle, 40, a British man born without a penis “suffers from an extremely rare birth condition called Bladder Exstrophy, which caused the organ to grow outside his body. Doctors were able to fix his bladder, but he never developed the reproductive organ.

The Manchester, England-based Wardle is the subject of an upcoming one-hour documentary (airing June 13th) on Discovery Life Channel that will follow him as he confesses the truth to old friends, past lovers and even his current, unsuspecting girlfriend.

“I had only told about 20 percent of them the truth,” Wardle tells the network. “It is difficult to explain to a new girlfriend. Once, I was punched in the face when I told a girl. I guess she felt like I had lied, but it’s not something you can say right away.”

The documentary also follows him through medical procedures as he seeks to have a fully functioning organ built thanks to recent advancements in gender reconstruction surgery. Wardle says he has struggled with depression, substance abuse and at one point even contemplated suicide because of his condition.

“The Man With No Penis” premieres June 13 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Life Channel.

I don’t know about most women out there but I am fond of the male anatomy. I would never miss the fact that a man was minus a penis. I’ve come across the micro penis (and written about it in  —–) so it would be really hard for me to not realize my date was missing a limb. Sure if i were passed out drunk or had taken a handful of Percocets I surely could miss the entire experience but that’s not how I roll.

Coincidentally, The Man With No Penis airs on the same day as the Smallest Penis Contest in Brooklyn, New York. Now that’s a lot of Penis in one day!

Close-up of Andrew on beach.

Photo: Discovery Life Channel



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