The Golden Penis


Over the weekend I was visiting the high-end mall at the Time Warner Building in Columbus Circle. A shopping emporium containing Diptyque, Wolford, Michael Kors, Tumi, Whole Foods along with a handful of elegant restaurants including Per Se, one of the priciest restaurants in all of Manhattan. I was watching a crowd of Japanese tourists who were giggling and snapping photos (while making the peace sign!). What was going on? Was Gwen Stefani back with her kids or was just another celebrity in town doing a little shopping?

No, nothing TMZ worthy that day. They were surrounding an enormous naked sculpture of a man (Adam) by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. On the other side of the elevator was an equally naked sculpture of a woman (Eve). She was alone. No crowd of tourists at her feet. As the group surrounding Adam dispersed I noticed a few stragglers. A group of women continued to snap away as they each took a turn rubbing the giant’s small flaccid peniimg_0084-225x300s while giggling, barely able to look up at the camera. They left and a lone man went in for a feel. It was the first time I realized that Adam’s penis was gold, not because Botero decided to grant the giant a golden dick, but from all the handling. On the other hand Eve, all by her lonesome, had a bronze vagina. Why was it okay to give Adam a wank but not finger Eve?I stood there for a good fifteen minutes and observed. Nope, no one was interested in Eve’s vagina while Adam enjoyed thousands of hand jobs. Eve appeared easy to walk past without noticing, while Adam’s buffed and polished junk seemed to entice people to stop and touch. Were the visitors being polite? Were they more respectful of a woman’s private parts? Or are penises just more fun to touch?

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