Beware of Felons

I opened my email: Enjoyed reading your profile. I too am allergic to cats 🙂 Have a nice weekend and Holiday Season. – Bill

Before I responded I read his profile:

I am a very fit, educated and well travelled 48 year old man, who has lived an extraordinary life, but who has also made mistakes and is now starting over. From these mistakes and the resulting consequences, I have learned humility and am thankful for the opportunity to reinvent myself. Daily, I have to be the best man I can be in every aspect of my life, especially in a future relationship. I look forward to getting to know a special woman, with whom there will be love, friendship, trust, laughter, fun and special moments to share; a very special woman who will take a “leap of faith” and look to the future and its potential. To start, a coffee would be nice. Thank you for reading my profile. I wish you joy.


Wow! What an odd profile. I typed:

“From these mistakes and the resulting consequences” – Wow, what did you do?

He typed back: BTW, you have a great smile 🙂

It figures, no response to my question. My computer chimed again. There was another message from him:

While trying to save my 25 year export management company during the financial crisis, I made a poor choice and consequently was convicted of a white collar felony, spending 21 months in federal prison. I am now a 48 year old man restarting his life, grateful for this second chance. From the day I started my sentence (returned home in Aug. 2014) and everyday since, I work on being the best man I can be intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Now you know. I wish you a peaceful weekend. – Billo-BEHIND-BARS-FOR-BEING-POOR-facebook

I replied: That makes sense. I figured it was something like that. You are very brave to share that straight off. Most people do not reveal themselves like that even in person – certainly not on the internet! Best of luck to you.

His reply: Thank you. I appreciate your responding. You are obviously a woman of substance with a kind soul; beautiful inside and out. I wish you joy. -Bill

Dating is hard enough. I certainly don’t want to date a felon. Especially an out of town felon. That’s just too much to deal with!

3 thoughts on “Beware of Felons

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  2. Ms. Tiny, I would probably date that guy — but that’s me 😉 The fact that he bared his soul to you for committing a felony means the guy is really planning to turn a new leaf. Plus a white collar felony involving his 25-year business doesn’t mean he killed someone for it. Many people lost their businesses and jobs during the past 2 global recessions. I can commiserate with his troubles; I don’t agree though with whatever felony he has done to save his company.
    If you’re concerned for your safety (who wouldn’t anyway ;), I suggest meeting up in a very public place, like a nice cafe in the middle of a shopping mall and in broad daylight. You don’t have to give him all your financial details or how much money you make compared to him. Heck! His story might even merit an interesting blog post afterwards 😉
    You don’t have to go with him to his flat afterwards — and he was quite specific about meeting only over coffee, right?
    I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Even celebrities like Mark Wahlberg or that guy that Leonardo di Caprio played in “Catch Me If You Can” did some jail time — and they came out better and a credit to society afterwards 😉
    Just my honest opinion. Have a great day — and a great date if you decide to pursue it 🙂 .


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