Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for your Guy

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks. What are you going to do? Girl, if you’ve got a man or a woman in your life it’s time to get on it! Sure you can get your love the usual, chocolates, wines, champagne, tickets for something or a great meal at home or a fine restaurant but I love something even more special – boudoir photos! I’ve been taking them over the years with my trusted photographer friend, Umar Abassi, (many of his photos are below).

It’s a fun way to prepare for the big day – fresh haircut, color, wax and some new lingerie. It will also boost your confidence if you’re working with a terrific photographer with a good bedside manner!


The Coward

12716249_10207167745586400_4874272916637831338_oWhile on vacation having a relaxing time, I received this email from a man I had one (yes, one) dinner with.

Dear Tiny,

My life is pretty good. Since you have been away I have been giving things some thought and I want to move ahead with my life and given your obligation to your work and friends I just didn’t see that happening in the near future. I am really fond of you, but I want to have a relationship with someone in which I am one of the foci* and while that may have eventually happened with us I was just not comfortable with the pace at which that was happening. I kind of want to have a girlfriend with whom (since my kids are all away) I can spend evenings and weekends and who would come away with me and who I am in touch with by phone daily when she is not around. So while I am super attracted to you I think it best for me to reluctantly move on. I hope you find everything you want in a relationship and in general.



I am hopeful that 2017 will be better for all of us dear readers!

*Foci {foh-say,-kahy}

noun, plural focuses, foci

  1. a plural of focus.
  2. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity



Noble Loser



He called from Paris and Riyadh. He Skyped me from Dubai. He really wanted to meet me. Although exhausted and jet lagged he rallied the evening he arrived back home. I was date #28 for him. According to him, each of the 27 before me all wanted to be in a relationship with him but he wasn’t interested. I didn’t tell him that he was date number #82 for me.

He was attractive, well dressed, (great jeans!) very fit, super smart – in a Big Bang Theory kind of way. He spent a lot of time traveling to the CDC, the NIH, lectured all over the world and had both an office at a prestigious university and one in his impressive home. He ate well, exercised and swam daily. I like a smart man, an educated man, a well-traveled man and staying fit is very important to me too. Not that I keep a list of what I wanted or anything but this guy was check, check, check and there was chemistry. Ah, the illusive chemistry we all seek!

While we looked over the menu. He told me, “I will not eat Octopus. They are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. It would be like eating a human.” I don’t eat octopus so that didn’t bother me. Then he told me both of his parents were psycho-analysts but “I’m very normal” Every person I ever met who had a shrink for a parent was a mess, this guy had two parents who were shrinks! Red flag? I hoped he was the exception to the rule.


As we ate he told me about his work. He casually dropped into the conversation that he had hoped he would have won a Nobel Prize by now. He mentioned it again a few minutes later. “I get the feeling it’s still bothering you,” I nudged him in a caring manner the way a therapist might. His response, “I’m not political. I could never win.”

Hmmm… Doesn’t do well with disappointment. Thinks he’s smarter than past recipients. Places blame on others. Red flag number two?

I let it slide because I was enjoying my dinner and the lovely bottle of french wine when he asked, “Would you be able to eat sheep eyes?”


“Sheep’s eye? No, never. I don’t even eat lamb. Why?”

“When I’m in Riyadh if I brought you to dinner you would have to. It’s considered an honor. You cannot insult people… especially people I work with.”

Had I just failed his test? I sat there quietly for a moment and wondered would I be able to eat a sheep eye. I didn’t eat lamb because sheep are so cute. My diet is 90% vegetables and spicy food kills me.

As the date came to a close, the world-famous doctor/researcher I was sitting hip to help with said, “Don’t call me tomorrow. I want you to think over what we talked about tonight. Wait a few days. Think if you could really be in a relationship with me. You know what I have to offer.”

I never called.  BAZINGA!

The Big Bang Theory is on CBS on Thursdays at 8PM EST


Charlie Sheen is Not the Only One with H.I.V.


A stressed, subdued, and tongue-tied Charlie Sheen revealed his H.I.V.-positive status today, saying that he had paid people to keep quiet about his condition in order to put a stop “to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me.”

As Charlie said today, “It is a hard three letters to absorb,” The truth is so painful but thank god today we have hope. H.I.V. is no longer a death sentence. To Charlie, and everyone living with H.I.V. or AIDs (or with a family member, spouse, or lover with either of these nasty disease) I light a candle for you. Stay strong. You are not forgotten.