Black Tie

blacktiecouplelgee1377748335569I used to love going to black tie events. A new dress, seeing my hairstylist, getting all spiffed up from top to toe. I no longer care. The meals are often horrible or cold. I have to be nice. I have to spend gobs of money if I want to do it right. And I’m always cold. Yeah, that’s an issue these days and so are shoes. Where some women are lucky enough to get hot flashes, I’ve always been freezing. I can’t go anywhere (eBlack-Tie-1ven in August in Southern California) without a cashmere sweater or a wrap. That’s one of the reasons I prefer Europe in the summer – so many places don’t have and the ones with climatisation is nowhere near as effective as in America for some reason.

So today I received an invitation from a man I had just one date with to a black tie gala event. He said it would be “right up your alley.  Think fun, fashion, creative types and lots of gay guys.”


Dresses by Andrea Pitter of Pantora

It’s a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS – one of the bigger ones this season. I was tempted but I already was going to the Geoffrey Beene event on Tuesday. Two in one week? I could wear the same get up although there might be some cross over of guests. Did I care?

Maybe my hair and nails would hold out? It kind of sounded like a nice gala with a fashion show AND a trunk sale. Visions of my first date with my ex husband. October NYC Plaza Hotel – the first time I laid eyes on a very young Naomi Campbell. Focus! Do you want to go or not? Ugh, it’s just too much work!