Put One Foot In Front of the Other

images-3Disappointment can be hard. Affairs of the heart can be particulary tough. Especially if you’re dating actively and it’s one disappointment after the next. In 2015 I had 106 dates. In 2016 I’ve already had eleven dates and it’s only February 2nd! (Full disclosure: of the eleven dates I have only had a second date with two – often my choice but sometimes not). Although each of the men I met were kind, interesting and polite, none of them were right for me. I found it discouraging to say the least. As much as I’d rather stay home and write, cook, paint or scroll around of Ebay, I decided it was a new year and a new me. I was not going to let a bad date, a bunch of average guys or a stalker (story coming soon) get me down. That’s when I met Peter.

images-4Peter lives in a tiny seaside community. He is in the fashion business. After a very high-profile and public divorce, he is very much single and alone -kids off at college and he doesnt even have a dog. Peter is clearly a man who likes to be part of a couple. We hit it off the first time we spoke on the phone. He’s a super interesting guy who has lived a bigger life than most of the men I’ve date this year combined. He was fun, comfortable, a breath of fresh air. Maybe sailing and walks on the beach have seeped into his pores. I hope I don’t sound like an overly optomistic woman (becuse I’m not!) but I have a feeling that he could be a great match for me. I certainly don’t want to be likehamptons2_1367233c a friend of mine who is constantly sure each and every man she dates is the perfect man for her. From overweight guys with mommy issues, to alcoholic attorneys to the guy with the lingerie fetish, I never saw anyone with her commitment to dating and her sunny disposition with each new guy. By the time the relationships were over, some in a matter of days and others in weeks or months, they were all asshole, scum or rotten bastards. There was never any grey or uncertainlty for her – it was all or nothing. Part of me feels like some of her is wearing off on me. Maybe if you’ve been in the dating game this long, and late in life, you need to trick your brain into believing the next man could be your next love or god forbid, your soul mate.

I’ve decided not to think about it too much. Enough analyzing myself, Just go out for god’s sake and give it your best shot. I hope I will have a good dating story for you soon. Keep on truckin’!


Blind Date


We met at the Rosa Mexicana and had pomegranate margaritas. He was a tall, dark and handsome craftsman. An artist really. He had worked with some of the most famous museums in the world restoring furniture, frames, and elaborate gold gilding. He had grown up on Long Island, was Italian-American liked to sail, grew basil and tomatoes in his garden, was sexy, fit, and truly in demand professionally. Everything looked good and there seemed to be chemistry between us immediately. I was feeling pretty pleased with this blind date.After discussing his work he asked about my divorce, I asked about his. Early on he said,

“You know, I didn’t think you’d be so pretty. Robyn said you were “cute” but you’re beautiful.”

I smiled shyly and took another sip of my delicious pink, frozen cocktail. He too was smiling and looking down at my feet casually said,

“I like your shoes.”

mule-shoeMules were in fashion and I just had to have a pair when I saw them in the store. These happened to be especially beautifully, handmade in Italy with exquisite embroidered detail, clearly expensive although I got them on sale. I loved a man with good taste and this man obviously had that.

“Your feet look so tiny, what size are you?”

“I’m a six. I actually used to be a foot model.”

“You’re kidding! I’ve never met a foot model. That’s so cool.”

“You’d be surprised there are many of us out there. It was a long time ago,” I laughed.

“I bet you always have a pedicure too.”



“What color are they tonight?”

He was playful and I was having fun. He wasn’t one of those men who missed all the details we women spend hours on. I was glad he could be silly; I was so tired of dating serious boring lawyer types.




“Try again”

“I’m not sure. What other colors do they make?”

“They’re actually Coral.”

“Coral? Nice, I bet they look beautiful. Can I see?”

He was flirting. And I would flirt back. I seductively pulled up the leg of my jeans and slowly slipped off my sexy little slide.

“Gorgeous! I knew they would be. They look so soft.”

We both took a few more sips of our margaritas and smiled. He looked back down at my now covered foot.

“They look incredibly soft. I’d love to touch them.”

I laughed and took another sip.

“No, I really would. I’d love to just massage them for hours. I’d love to feel them against my skin.”

I smiled.

“Have you ever had anyone drink champagne from your shoe?”

He was so funny. What a great first date. I loved his sense of humor. I could just tell there’d be another date soon. I laughed out loud.

“No, I’m serious” he continued. “Have you ever had anyone drink champagne from your shoe?” he said it with a straight face this time, he was totally serious.


“I bet it would be awesome.”

When I expected him to be asking about my family, where I went to college? What my major was? Did I have any brothers or sisters? Were my parents still alive and well? You know the standard first date questions. Instead we were stuck on my feet and I just wanted to go home. This guy was a freak. I knew there would be no second date