A Blue Mother’s Day

I love my mother. Has she been a maxresdefaultperfect mom? No. Who is perfect? I certainly am not. Like most daughter, my mom and I weren’t always chums. As my mom aged and I wised up I was able to truly love her – warts and all. She doesn’t really have any warts – her issues were more about rigidity, anxiety and the need to hide or cover up the truth. With old age her anxiety has lessened and I’m very pleased to say she is much more open. I think the rigidity disappeared soon after my dad passed away. I have come to a place where I can say I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and really enjoy spending time with her. How fortunate I am!

Birthday-Poem-For-A-GrandmaSadly, this Mother’s Day will be a blue one for me. I believe it will be the first year in my life that I am not with my mom on Mother’s Day. Thankfully, she is still on planet Earth, alive and well. Intead, I accepted a project and will not be able to spend Sunday doing the daughter thing. I know I am very lucky that I still have a mom. So many of my friends have lost theirs. I just feel more awful than I imagined even though I sent a beautiful card and she will receive flowers later today. I will see my mom next week to celebrate her awesomeness but I still feel like a made a mistake.

Grandmother_t580I want to wish all of you and your moms a Happy Mother’s Day whether you are fortunate to be together or for those of you who won’t be – whether physical distance or heaven separate you. We wouldn’t be here if not for our mom’s. Try to put any drama or issues away for the day and celebrate the woman who put you on this great planet. And to all you mom’s – I hope someone spoils you the way you should be! You’ve got the toughest job on the planet!

Photos by Stephen Bryer. You can follow him on Instagram at Modernfloralism.